There are many options for chalk markers, including paint pens and chalk pens for boards, art pens, and blackboard pens. They are easily accessible.

Stango offers high-quality paint pens in a range of colors and smooth ink flow. You can write smooth and draw fine lines with no color bleeding, thanks to the lack of any ink mess.


What is a chalk pencil?

Most commonly, chalk pens are found around us in bars, pubs and restaurants. These pens are similar to pens and you can quickly write or erase messages with them. The liquid chalk ink has a paint-like consistency and a smooth, opaque finish. It can be used on non-porous surfaces like glass, metals, plastic, ceramic, stone, wood, and other materials. They don't leave a mess and write quickly on boards.


Is it possible to erase chalk pens?

Yes, chalk pens can be easily wiped off. You can easily erase waterproof chalk markers with blackboard or chalk markers cleaning solution. This helps to remove chalkboard from chalkboard.

Chalk pens work well on non-porous surfaces. Porous surfaces absorb chalk ink, leaving behind stains. You can try it on a small section of the surface that you are interested in.


For classrooms, chalk pens work best

Chalk pens can be used in classrooms to enhance the learning experience by bringing subjects like math, science and history to life. You can find a wide range of liquid chalk pens as well as educational supplies that allow you to write on blackboards, whiteboards, or chalkboards.

For primary, middle, and high school students, make teaching materials more colorful. These chalk pens are the best for the classroom, as they make students pay more attention to the boards.


What surfaces can chalk pens be used on?

Because of the liquid chalkink they use, chalk pens can be used on a variety of surfaces. These pens can be used on metal, ceramic and wood as well as whiteboards, mirrors, glass doors, slates, and pub boards.

They can be used for art and craftwork. They can be used to decorate parties, pubs and Christmas. The best thing about liquid chalk markers is their ability to not mess up like old and traditional chalks. They are easy to use and leave no mess.


How can I use chalk markers?

Make sure your chalk marker is properly closed before you use it. Next, shake the marker well. The nib should be pressed towards the test surface. Next, pump the nib to ensure that the ink reaches the nib properly. Your marker is now ready for use. It can be used on any work surface.


Do you want the finish to be flat, shiny or matte?

The chalk markers are all highly pigmented and produce an exact color on any surface. They are vibrant and matte in every way. Only metallic chalk markers have sheen. These give the display a shimmery, shiny effect that makes it attractive.


Are the colors faded over time, in the sun or by light rain?

These chalk pens can withstand the elements and are weather- and UV-resistant. These chalk pens will not fade, even when used on paper or canvas. You shouldn't use ammonia-based cleaners if you want to preserve your artwork on porous surfaces.


Is the chalk marker tip made of felt or plastic?

The felt tips on the chalk marker make it easy to apply ink. The felt nib makes it easy to work quickly.


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